An Integrated Sensor Data Management System


Dataloggers constitute the de facto backbone of in-situ hydrometeorological instrumentation system. However, the process of installing datalogger-backed instrumentation systems and then streaming the data to a data management and curation system is quite complex and requires considerable human effort and cross-disciplinary technical expertise. The overall cost of ownership and operation, therefore, becomes prohibitive. This presentation will introduce a novel sensor data acquisition system composed of a sensor platform and a software framework that promotes the seamless integration of the front-end (field instrumentation) and the back-end(standards-based data management and curation system). We adopt standardized approaches to the data collection and handling processes to address the unmet and growing demand for cross-disciplinary data sources integration, discovery and interoperability. Furthermore, the effort strives to simplify to a maximum the process of programming and configuring sensing stations for deployment.

Dr. Paul Celicourt
Co-Founder & Research Scientist

My research interest is in Hydroinformatics, particularly the development and application of hardware and software technologies that resolve the chronic schematic, syntactic and semantic heterogeneities in earth sciences data sources.