A self-managed sensing system for irrigation management in horticultural farms.

Lab Experiments towards Irrigarinati development

Source : CentrEau & Fonds de Recherche du Quebec

Role: PI P. Celicourt

Period: Mars 01, 2020 - October 31, 2020

Funding: $10,000


This research project aims to develop the prototype of an advanced and self-managed sensing system for groundwater table level measurements, named Irrigarinati, with networking, metadata auto-creation, and uncertainty quantification capabilities. The end goal is to enable improved real-time planning and management of groundwater resources for irrigation in horticultural farms.

Irrigarinati will primarily consist in a) an innovative sensing system (its front-end) for water level measurements with the ability to auto-generate its deployment-context metadata and b) an online software platform (its back-end) to organize the collected data and auto-generated metadata according to standardized data management practices.

Ultimately, the back-end system may be extended to integrate the vision of agricultural hydroinformatics which promotes sustainable agriculture as water-management-centric practices supported by a sociotechnical-system approach to their information and simulation models development.

See the funding announcement here.

Dr. Paul Celicourt
Co-Founder & Research Scientist

My research interest is in Hydroinformatics, particularly the development and application of hardware and software technologies that resolve the chronic schematic, syntactic and semantic heterogeneities in earth sciences data sources.